New Red Hat Drink List


Mango Tango- Always a Red Hat favorite. 3 Olives Mango vodka, Coruba coconut rum, pineapple and cranberry

Our “Famous” Mudslide- Cool down with Vodka, kahlua, and vanilla ice cream blended with your choice of Bailey’s flavor (caramel, mint or original)

Patriot Punch- Everyone will see your favorite team with Skyy cherry layered with blue Curacao, white cranberry juice and grenadine

Big Mean Green Machine- Named after Boston’s’ favorite green team: Skyy passion fruit, Coruba coconut rum, Midori, and pineapple juice

Purple Passion- 3 Olives purple and sprite

James Michael Curly- Coruba coconut rum mixed with Kraken black rum, banana liqueur sloe gin, pineapple juice and grenadine. Think “Rum Runner” North East style. Great frozen or on the rocks

Specialty Drinks:

All served in a chilled pint glass at a lower than normal price. For $2 more you can get a Red Hat logo pint glass.

Back Bay Boxcar- A historical favorite meets the new millennium. Dewar’s scotch, Skyy citrus, lime juice, sweet n sour mix shaken and served tall with a lemon sugar rim

Castle Island Tea- vodka, gin, rum, tequila, orange liqueur, white cranberry, and OJ; Served in a tall chilled glass

Perfect Storm- Kraken spice rum, Bacardi, Sloe gin, pineapple, cranberry with a cranberry sugar rim and a Myers float; DO not operate any boats or farm equipment after consuming this drink

Frozen Franklin Zoo- Myers Dark rum, Kahlua, banana liqueur and vanilla ice cream blended and served in a chocolate swirl tall glass

New England Aquarium Fizz- Red Hat/ Skyy infused blueberry vodka, Sloe gin liqueur and sprite. Garnished with gummy fish


Add $2 for any of these shots to get your own Red Hat logo shot glass

Green Line- Baileys mint layered with kahlua and green cream de menthe

Orange Line- 3 Olives orange vodka, Southern comfort, peach schnapps, sprite and OJ

Red Line- Southern Comfort, orange liqueur and cranberry

Blue Line- 3 Olives Berry vodka, blue Curacao and sour with a lemon sugar rim

Commuter- Pinnacle whipped cream vodka mixed with sour apple liqueur; Served with a cinnamon rim. Tastes like apple pie!


Beaconhillopolitan- 3 Olives grape, orange liqueur, lime juice and a splash of cranberry juice

Freedom Trail- You don’t need to walk 2.5 miles, when the “Freedom Trail martini” can be seen and enjoyed while you sit! Skyy citrus shaken, not stirred, with a twist

Opening day- Great even for those who have never tried gin; Bombay Sapphire layered with banana liqueur, Chambord and OJ

Moon light Margatini- Sauza gold tequila mixed with blue Curacao, Gran Marnier, sour and a splash of OJ; served with a lemon sugar rim.

2004 Heaven in Seven- Red Hat/Skyy infused peach vodka chilled ice cold and served with a cherry. Just like beating the Yankees, this drink will make you feel just peachy!

Dessert drinks:

Root beer Floatini- 3 Olives Root beer, amaretto and a dollop of vanilla ice cream; served up in a martini glass

North End Coffee Martini- 3 Olives Espresso vodka, 3 olives vanilla, Godiva mocha liqueur, and Kahlua served with a cinnamon rim. Can also be served as a coffee drink

South Coffee Martini- 3 Olives Espresso shaken with Jamison and baileys mint. Can also be served as a coffee drink

Key Lime Pie martini- 3 Olives vanilla, Midori melon liqueur, key lime juice and milk; Served with a graham cracker rim and a lime twist

Creamsicle- 3 olives orange, Pinnacle Whipped flavored vodka, orange juice and cream served over ice or as a martini

Baby Ruth- 3 Olives chocolate mixed with butterscotch liqueur and white cream de cacao. Served over ice or as a martini with a caramel and heath bar crunch rim

Chocolate dipped berry- 3 Olives chocolate, 3 Olives berry, and Godiva dark chocolate garnished with a cherry

Draught list

“The Regulars”

Coors Light Long Trail IPA

Miller Light Bass Ale

Red Hat Lager Hoegaarden

Narragansett Blue Moon

Sam Adams Lager Stella Artois

Sam Adams Brick red Guinness

New Castle

“The Walk-Ins”

Sam Seasonal Shipyard Seasonal

See your server for the additional Walk-ins of the month

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